is a 17 year old Indian Aromatherapy brand that offers high quality spa products and
spa solutions to five star hotels and premium day spas.

An offshoot of the 57 year old Eastern Agencies Aromatics Pvt Ltd., BREATHE is an amalgamation of
age old wisdom, modern day science, fine ingredients and a passion for what we do. BREATHE creates Aromatherapy that touches your mind, body and soul.

We chose the name BREATHE because we genuinely believe people have forgotten how important it is to breathe correctly. Not only is it our life source but when done right, it can be the answer to most problems.

So we always say...when in doubt, just breathe.


We create our products using the finest natural essential oils and natural ingredients.
We create our products with no synthetic colours or fragrances.
We use natural preservatives and natural oils as the base of our products.
We create our products without testing on animals. We are members of
Beauty Without Cruelty.
We create our products with total care and commitment.
We absolutely love our products
and hope you do.
What a wonderful way to live.....breathe!